Asterix - Early English Publishing History

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Asterix - Early English Publishing History

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I thought you may be interested in a new article I have added to my website:

Asterix in Britain: The Untold Story (or how Asterix crossed the channel and was published in english)

I was lucky enough to have made contact with Antony Kamm, who was the editor-in-chief at Brockhampton press when the first 7 Asterix books were published in english. He graciously provided me with an article he wrote about the early publishing history, and answered some of my questions.

There were some really interesting things to come out of this. It was quite fascinating to learn the story of how the publishing company decided on Asterix, and the early marketing attempts that were made.

I hope fans of the english translations will find this interesting!

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Wenleyix3, this is indeed an original contribution you have made here. Interesting to read!

Hendrik Jan

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Re: Asterix - Early English Publishing History

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Yeah, that was interesting. :gutemine: