Asterix and Obelix: translated?

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Asterix and Obelix: translated?

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I was wondering whether the names of Asterix and Obelix were ever adapted in any translation. I haven't come acrosse any of these adaptions, but is seems possible nevertheless. Still, I can't find any you?

greetings, sofie
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Asterix and Obelix: translated?

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The above overview shows that most translations use the original names. some exceptions:

Chinese(M): Yali Oubi
Gaelic: Asterix Cromleax
Icelandic: Ástríkur Steinríkur
Turkish: Asteriks Hopdediks

Hendrik Jan

Asterix in 100+ translations at:

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+a minor change in Polish : the names had to be written Asteriks & Obeliks because there is no 'x' letter in this language.

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Hello Sofie,

Erik T has collected the names of Asterix and Obelix in
all translations. Take a look at:

Kenavo, Huub.