Vikings UK release

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Vikings UK release

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Does anyone know when Vikings gets released in the UK? I find it odd that the English dialogue was recorded years ago but the English dub hasn't been released yet.
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The Internet Movie Database has no date yet.
No news from the official site (the Missive) either as far as I have seen.

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I have lived off-line for a few months, so I came on the forum looking for opinions about the film "A. and the Vikings".
I've found no thread ; have I overlooked something ?
Has the film been released only in France so far ?

I live in France, and surprisely few echoes of the film reached me. I've seen a few posters in the streets advertising the film, but little else. Nothing on TV program - but I did not spend much time watching TV in early April. No specific collectible items in my usual shops. Did I miss something ???

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A month on and still no news of the English version. Is it possible that we may even see the French DVD release before an English version at the cinema!

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Oddly, there was a private screening of it months ago in London. I had an invite and stupidly didn't go thinking it would be in the cinemas soon anyway ... They're probably waiting for Christmas, it looks like a snowy film.
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well ive watched the film in english i was on an air france flight flying home on my holiday soon when i got home i looked for a dvd or english release im guessing it will come out september but it may be winter but! there is a book of the film that is going to be released i saw it on amazon and from what i renember it said it hasent come out yet and it said publisher: 21st september prehaps we will be getting a release date for the film soon here in the UK ill look out in the cinemas today for any trailers (im going to watch pirates of carrabian2 )
heres a link to where you can buy the book in english ... e&n=266239

also not all hope is lost if a french DVD release comes out soon just get that and look in the languages

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You want opinions Christine? Very well....

Well I must say the movie is very good how ever I wasn't 100% satisfy.
There were just to many jokes from the oryginal book they didn't used (Roman Patrol, Cacofonix opsesion with Lutecia, Asterix and Obelix talking during the Viking faith) and the joke's wich were used from the book waren't as funny on the scren. Some gag's like the one obaut Vikings names end with "AF" just waren't as funny as they shud be.
Justfokix and his love interest Abba took the center place in the movie, while Asterix and Obelix, fellt to be in second place at the moments. We olsow didn't get a itndroduction (like in the book) obaut Viking, and explenation, theat they don't know fear...
I must agre with somthing I herd in a opion on the internet - Obelix talk to much. Their were many clever lines, wich rely fit more for the Asterix character, and yet Obelix got to say theam. Ther is olsow a small lack of Dogmatix who don't play any part in the story and at the moment you can forget his there.

How ever movie did greait with making the plot longer a adding new character's, wich I must agre were as good as rest of Uderzo's "Cast".
Animation was well done and music is prety cool.

Anny way - The movie is good and I think it was the best animated movie I saw this yer. Stil, I got the filing the scrip writers concetrait more on their own ideas rather the plot parts from the oryginal Book.
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I just read that the german DVD-edition of "Asterix and the vikings", which will be released in November 2006, shall contain the english dubbing as well.

So, if I got it right and there still is no possiblity to watch this Asterix-cartoon in english language (in cinema or from DVD) until now, it might be a solution for you, just to order the german DVD-version and activate the english track on it.

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The French DVD also has an English dub - there's a lengthy review at DVD Times

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It gets released on DVD in the UK on March 5th.