The Masterixmind Winners...

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The Masterixmind Winners...

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Hi there everybody,

I'm new to this group, having found it by accident whilst having a wander through the 'web. Congrats by the way on a great little community, is great to see so many Asterix fans in one place!

So here it is, my question for you all. I don't know if its common knowledge or not, but back in 1996 there was a competition in the UK ran by the UK book publishers Hodder & Stoughton; Waterstones Book Stores; and of course Les Editions Albert Rene. This competition was called Masterixmind, and it was to find the UK's most knowledgable Asterix Fan.

I was but a young 14 year-old at the time, but i somehow managed to win this coveted title, and got the pleasure of being whisked off to Paris to meet Mr Uderzo himself! I had a great day in Parc Asterix, and also got a poster sized drawing of Vitalstatistix drawn for me by the man hinself! This is quite obviously my most prized possession...

I have since then become less connected with the Asterix world through one thing and another, but it being the 10th anniversary of the competition it has re-sparked my interest. So i am wondering, does anyone happen to know anything about this quiz happening at all? Did it ever happen again, and where are the other winners?

I have lots of photos of the event btw, and at some point will try to get them all online for your enjoyment...

Cheers for listening

Steve 'McPete' Wright

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What a fantastic prize to have won.

I have never heard of the competition. Maybe you could try writing to Waterstones. They might be able to look up their records, and find some information for you.

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I didn't hear about the competition either, but belated congrats to you, and it would be nice to see the pics. :)

RE: The Masterixmind Winners...

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Cheers for the congrats guys, though its so long ago it feels like another lifetime! I very much doubt that I could even get onto the short list of entrants these days...

I probably have all the names of the winners somewhere, but all my Asterix stuff is in storage in another county :(

From what i recall, there were 2 categories for the quiz, the under 14's and the over 14's. Before winning, i thought that i had been very unlucky to have just fallen into the adult category, somehow afterwards i wasn't so fussed!

All 6 contestants from the under 14's category got to go to France and meet Uderzo, and as well as myself there was the runner up in the adult section. So all in all 8 people got hand-drawn posters of their favourite Asterix characters...i hope that they are all as well looked after as mine!

I kept/stole a copy of everything i could throughout the whole experience, have boxes and files full of merchandise and leaflets etc - i even had the cheek when leaving the convention/quiz to steal a 4ft floor standing cardboard Obelix ... oh to be young and cheeky again!

Like I say, i'll do my best to get copies of all of this online for all to see, but it might be a few weeks...

Cheers again,

Steve 'McPete' Wright
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Hello Steve, welcome back.
Yes I remember, long time no see. But the web never forgot you, as your Dogmatix pages are still up and running!

HJ "Jochgem"
Hendrik Jan

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RE: Masterixmind Winners...

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Hi Hendrik,

You're right, long time no see! Can't believe that i'm still remembered to be honest, is an honour :grin:

Between yourself, Erik TKS and a few others, you guys opened the international world of Asterix to me - i can't even remember how many books i swapped in the early days...

Think the Dogmatix page needs a facelift though, after 10 years its looking a bit dated :oops: Looks like i've got some work to do!

Steve 'McPete' Wright

Re: The Masterixmind Winners...

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McPete hat geschrieben:... and where are the other winners?
Well, there's one right here. I too got thinking about the competition and wondering where the other winners were because it was ten years later. Google turned up this topic :).

I was one of the under-14s (9 at the time), and so got to go to Parc Asterix even though I didn't win, per se. (I can't even remember where I came. I think it might have been third, but I could be wrong). Both days (the original quiz, and then the trip) were great fun. I have two dominant memories of the first: one simply being impressed at how tall Jamie Theakston (the host) actually was. The second was correctly answering which part of the Roman Army Asterix got assigned to in Asterix the Legionary (which is one of the few things I still remember: 1st Legion, 3rd Cohort, 2nd Maniple, 1st Century) and the resulting cheer that Jamie coaxed out of the crowd for me getting it right.

I tell a lie: I remember a third thing. I had broken my arm that summer (indeed, I had dictated my tiebreaker to my mum while in the cast), and it was only just out of the cast; I had barely done any physio yet. They wanted us to wave our swords and push the buzzer to answer a question, which I really rather resented.

Of course, the highlight of the second day was meeting Uderzo and getting my drawing of Dogmatix (Asterix biffing a legionary, apparently, would have taken him too long to draw). I also seem to remember doing a card trick on the train home.

I have a few photos and other assorted bits and bobs at home, though I'm currently at Uni, so I can't get them up. I'd love to see any photos that you have, though.

So we're two down, with 10 to go.