Need help buying Swedish, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech Asterix

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Need help buying Swedish, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech Asterix

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I am trying to build my collection of foreign language volumes, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy volumes in Swedish, Croatian, Slovenian, and Czech online. I would prefer to buy multiple languages from a site, but any recommendations are appreciated.

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Swedish titles can be ordered from (the last two titles available only) and czech books directly from

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You can look for Slovenian volumes on Slovenian comic collectors forum (in the "I want to buy" section)
(you can post questions in english with no problem)

You can also try by the no.1. decicated comic shop in Slovenia called "Buch":
with web site and emails: &
(I think Buch also won't have any trouble responding to email in english language)

but I guess you should have better price and wider response on the comic collectors forum.

You can also ask for Croatain volumes at the same places, almost all Slovenian collectors (and dealers) also collects Croatian comics.

Let just mention that first 2-3 albums in Slovenian languages from the years 1989 - 1992 are nowdays pretty hard to buy (they are very common in the collections but no one want's to sell them), there should be no problem with obtaining other albums. The ones from Egmont should also be extremely cheap.

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Forum is regural phoBB forum... so there is only translation to slovenian language...

for registering you go to:

then click on:
"Sprejemam pogoje in sem star(a) več kot ali točno 13 let."
(I accept conditions and I'm over 13 years of age...)

Than you must fill in the form:

Uporabniško ime: * = Username
Elektronski naslov: * = Email
Geslo: * = Password
Potrdi geslo: * = Repeat password
Potrditvena koda: * = Validation code (from the graphic above)

you not need to fill in other blanks... maybe you just change forum language from Slovenian to English under

Jezik: [Slovenian]

Main forum sections for you should be:
"Kupim" = "I want to buy"
"Menjam" = "I want to trade"

"Prodam" = I want to sell"

misc chat about comics is located in

"Stripi" = "General talk about comics"

Like I said ... there is no problem if you write to the forum in English.

Asterix in Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian, Hunagrian

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I have Asterix in Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian, Hunagrian.

If you're interested send me e-mail at: tempistazi@sezampro.yu