Asterix mention at the Simpsons

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Asterix mention at the Simpsons

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In the last episode of "The Simpsons" (Husband and Knives) there is a scene, when Lisa is at the comic book store and sees some european coomic Books.

Lisa : "Asterix! Tintin! I heard this only Existed in hight scool French clases!" (and she take a "Tintin" comic book and start reading it)

A small reference, but still nice to see Asterix being mention on such a great show as the Simpsons :grin: (A nice touch for european comic book fans by the way...)

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Coincidentally, Obelix has also recently appeared in "South Park". I've (belatedly) updated the news section on with that, and this news.

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Somehow, it seems like the great comics from Europe aren't as big over seas as they are back here. So it's nice to have "Asterix" and "Tintin" mentioned on "The Simpsons".