Asterix Conquers America (English DVD)

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Asterix Conquers America (English DVD)

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First of all, I'd just like to say a big thanks to the wonderful responses to my last thread here, you really helped & I appreciate it.

As you know, I've now got all the Asterix DVD's (alomst) except Asterix Conquers America.

Last couple of days I've been looking for this DVD (I'm sure when I purchased Asterix & The Vikings I saw it somewhere too), however looking again now (, Ebay, Amazon etc...) I can't seem to no longer find it.

However it must be available as the official site mentions it as does this link on Amazon here (Not currently available however). ... 844&sr=1-1

I need/want the DVD in English & region 2 also, however I can't seem to find it online.

Is this another case of a different name (I've been searching "Asterix America DVD" to find this) as all that comes across on Ebay at the moment, is the VHS tape of this or the book, but not the DVD unfortunately (UK Version).

Any ideas where I can get this please & thanks again to all who help.
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Re: Asterix Conquers America (English DVD)

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Hello Robbieatrix,
Robbieatrix hat geschrieben:Is this another case of a different name
no, I've never heard about a spare name for the English edition of this movie.
Robbieatrix hat geschrieben:Any ideas where I can get this please
Well, it seems really to be sold out at the moment. In fact, there is one single offer at But it is for "Asterix conquers America" and "Asterix and the vikings" together for 44,99 $ - too much for my taste.

Alternatively you could buy the German DVD-Version, called "Asterix in America". On this DVD you have an English track. If there was a UK and US Version again (I don't know this), I couldn't tell you which one is on the DVD. - To buy a foreign DVD-Version might be a bad solution for a collector. And it might be a bit difficult for you to find your way through the German DVD-menus. But this DVD is available at for a small price. Only the shipping costs to the UK might be expensive. You also could buy the French DVD, called "Astérix et les indiens". This has the English track as well and it is not less available. Have al look at

If you really want the original English version, you'll have to be patient and observe eBay and the Amazon market place carefully, I'm afraid. But some day you'd sure be able to get it there.

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Re: Asterix Conquers America (English DVD)

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Yeah, thanks Erik, I want to get the UK DVD, with all the UK menu's etc.. to go with all the other DVD's I have, that way I have them all then.

Guess it's just a case of having to keep my eye's open to see one, I don't really wanna be paying loads of money for one (I dont see why people should profit from people to a mass extent just because they know someone wants it), so I guess it's a case of keeping my eye's open.

Wanted to check if their was a different name or something, as with the "Operation Getafix" confusion I had, though i guess it's not the case this time.

Thanks anyway, much appreciated !!!