book covers ruined

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book covers ruined

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Is it just me who finds this rather annoying? I collect Asterix books from around the world and I am irritated by how many of the covers have the publisher's logo and other things slapped all over the front, often obscuring the cover art. For example, check out some of the newer covers of "Gladiator" ... part of the comic effect is the unfortunate gladiator getting punched out of his sandals, with only his bare feet showing at the top right corner. Many newer editions have the publisher's logo right over top of the feet... does this bother anyone else or am I being too picky?
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Re: book covers ruined

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Your personal objection with the Gladiator book I can understand, but it did not bother me. Nevertheless I am not happy with covers in general. First I collect international editions and in the past we could find some very nice variations of the French original covers. Nowadays they are very uniform, strictly adhering to the French cover. This spoils some of the surprises I had as collector in the past. My second objection is about the 'Grande Collection' covers. I do not like the design with the big white box with red Asterix logo added on top of the original. Together with title and the text around the cover sometimes we have three Asterix logo's.


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Re: book covers ruined

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I agree with Jochgem about the uniform of covers. That was one reason I started collecting in the different languages, seeing the differences in the covers. For instance, I like the differences there are in Asterix the Legionary. What I didn't like was when Poland started to print the Blue Edition, and then the picture was in a small box. As for the Publishers putting their logo where it covers up part of the picture, yes, that can be annoying, but, it is also adds to the collecting. It is part of the cover.

As for the 'Grande Collection', I do not see any need for the extra red Asterix. Do you think they put that extra red Asterix on incase, we do not know what comic we are buying :D