Asterix And RFC 1178 (Naming your computer)

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Asterix And RFC 1178 (Naming your computer)

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Hi folks!

I need some help on an Asterix related question : If you have a small computer-network it comes in handy to give each workstation or server a name to be easily identified. RFC 1178 proposes to use "theme names" like colours or figures from a movie.

I went for names of Asterix protagonists. :-)

My main computer, on which i'm typing this, is called "Asterix".
My video/gaming machine - with slightly more power - is called "Obelix".
My first Laptop was named "Idefix" ("Dogafix" for most of you) and my second, larger one, "M0psen" - the large viking dog from "Asterix And The Great Crossing".
My multimedia-machine is called "Troubadix". That's "Cacofonix" in the english version.
My mailserver's name is "Rohrpostix" (Don't know his english name either. The postman from "Asterix As Legionary") and my backup-server is "Automatix" - "Fulliautomatix" to most of you.

I guess you got the picture by now. :-D

What i'm missing is a decent name for my Firewall/Router!

An appropriate choice would be one of the guards who - from time to time - are seen in front the little village. Unfortunately they seem to be nameless....

Since I'm using IPCop as Firewall another possibility would be some sort of policeman. I have a picture in mind of someone giving tickets away in some comic but can't remember in which.

So, all you Asterix-fans out there, any idea?

Re: Asterix And RFC 1178 (Naming your computer)

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In Asterix & Son, Obelix mentions the guard's name as Fotogenix (in English) …