Egyptians at the Olympics

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Egyptians at the Olympics

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In Asterix and the Olympic Games, there is a curious argument between two Egyptians which plays out in the background of one panel. When Asterix, Getafix and Obelix are walking back through the Olympic village, on their way to tell the other villagers that they can't use the magic potion, they walk past a pyramid-shaped tent occupied by an angry Egyptian who is apparently throwing out another Egyptian carrying a scarcophogus. What are they arguing about?

I've been puzzling over this question, the best answer that I can come up with is that the second Egyptian has tried to lay to rest his ancestor in the tent, mistaking it for a real pyramid. But I'm not sure that's the joke - does anyone have any other ideas?
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Re: Egyptians at the Olympics

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I know this panel, because there is a short note about it in "Asterix: Das Kutlbuch" (I don't know, whether there's an English title and if so what it is; in French it's "Le livre d'Astérix le Gaulois"). They asked Albert Uderzo himself what about the Egyptian is insulting. Uderzo answered, that he has just forgotten what this panel's joke should be. And he kiddingly added, that he may have had drunk a bit much the day he drew this panel... ;)

So, there won't be a definitely answer, I think.

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Re: Egyptians at the Olympics

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Oh no not another pyramid mystery. That's all we need. ;) ;D

Re: Egyptians at the Olympics

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It's like this :
Two Egiptians, went to grease to see Olimpic Games. And one (let's cal him Worldspis  ;D) took with him a scarcophogus   (and ass we all now, scarcophogus it's a Egiptian cofen, sow there is a death man in it) of his grandfather, or somthing. And the second egiptian (let's call him Whatisthis) is angry since he don't want to sleep in one room...errr...tent with a death man and tell his friend to take it away...

Weel, this is my interpretation  ;)

Or maby this scene is supose to make no sence, and have generations of fans puzzled?  ;).