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Asterix on stamps

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Does anyone know which countries have issued Asterix scenes, characters etc. on stamps?

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There are 2 I know of, Guernsey and Belgium
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Re: Asterix on stamps

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.. and France.

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I know the British mainland have never released any Asterix stamps.... so far! Guernsey actually, while it is a part of Britain, releases it's own stamps, as do many islands off Britain like Jersey, Lundy and the Isle of Mann, but one of the most famous - the Isle of Wight, does not. For those who do not understand the country system of Britain, I shall explain:

Great Britain is an island, next to another island, called Ireland. The United Kingdom is the union between 4 countries, who share the same monarch - Northern Ireland, (which is on the island of Ireland) and England, Scotland and Wales (which together make up the British isles, or Great Britain), so theoretically, Northern Ireland has got nothing to do with Britain except that they share the same monarch - Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. The United Kingdom, and Great Britain are not countries at all, but the first is a union and the 2nd is an island.

Anyway, making it a bit more Asterix related, when he went to Britain, he actually went to an island, not a country!
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After extensive searching, the stamps from France, Belgium and Guernsey seems to be all of them. It surprises me that there is not more because there are loads of Tintin stamps. Maybe it was because the Belgian post office often release 'Philately (the study of stamps) for youth' sets, which often would include Tintin. Belgium is very proad of it's comics - Tintin, Spike and Suzy, Blake and Mortimer, Barelli etc, so it's good of them to represent french comics - Asterix, in stamps, though maybe they were re-paying a favour, as France had already released Tintin and Blake and Mortimer stamps. It is also surprising that Guernsey released a set before France - the homeland of Asterix. The Belgian stamps must be those released in 2005 to coincide with that huge Belgian Asterix exhibition. Asterix is very popular in Germany too, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them releasing a Asterix set soon. Yipee!

Here is a site all about Tintin stamps -

I also know that in the 80s, Belgium issued a stamp and in 1997, the Netherlands issued a set about Willy Vandersteen's 'Suske en Wiske'.

Also, Belgium and France issued a joint Blake and Mortimer set.

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Hello all!

I can vaguely remember a set of French postal stationeries - here's a sample: ... dZViewItem

These are envelopes with preprinted stamp - so called "PAP" (prét-a-poster).
with different designs, on sale a few years ago - but I don't know more about it, sorry :-?,
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I can't remember exactly, but 2 or 3 years ago an ex state of the former USSR - tadzjiekistan - released stamps with Asterix and also Tintin and Donald Duck as far as I know. They where for sale on
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Sellix hat geschrieben:I can't remember exactly, but 2 or 3 years ago an ex state of the former USSR - tadzjiekistan - released stamps with Asterix and also Tintin and Donald Duck as far as I know. They where for sale on
yes, I remember 2 of such auctions and asked about that stamps in a local philately shop. They told me, that they weren't able to get these stamps for me. It seems to be, that these "stamps" are not official ones but made by private enterprises for collector's purposes only. Due to this circumstance they don't appear in any stamp list or catalog.

In fact I own a similar set from Kyrgyzstan with the title "Famous Movies" from which one of the stamps show Obelix and Dogmatix from the first real live movie.

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