Uderzo interview (French)

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Uderzo interview (French)

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Liam, a reader of our site noted a nice interview with Albert Uderzo on the occasion of the recent book Uderzo se raconte, where Uderzo tells the story of his life. It is in French, so I should have been posting this in another section.
Uderzo receives (fake) emails by his cartoon characters, asking him questions. Toon, from outer space, asks whether Albert regrets having introduced him into the Asterix universe. No, Albert says, I like you, you will be returnimg.

http://tf1.lci.fr/infos/podcast/vousave ... chir-.html
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Re: Uderzo interview (French)

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Jochgem hat geschrieben:you will be returnimg.
do you think, this is a hint, what we have to expect of the next Asterix album? Or of a further short story at least?

Or is it just a joke? A return of Toon would be quite difficult, as all the Gaul's memories about him were deleted at the end of album 33.

"Alle sollt ihr noch sehen, daß ich habe recht!" (Erik der Blonde, Die große Überfahrt, S. 5)