French albums for sale or exchange (2 for 1...)

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French albums for sale or exchange (2 for 1...)

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Bonjour tout les amis de Asterix,

I have 8 French albums for sale or exchange.

3 are first prints (A. ches les Bretons (8)+ A. aux jeux olympiques Games (12), Les Lauries de César (18). Number 18 has a yellowed cover)

3 oldies but not first prints (A. et les Goths, La Serpe d'or, Le Gaulois). All have a yellowed cover due to age.

2 like new (le tour de Gaule d'Astérix, A. Gladiator)

If you like to exchange let  me know. In this case you can have 2 albums for 1. Any album is fine as long as I do not have it  in my collection yet. For not easy to get albums you can have more then 2 albums.


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